Round 1A Round 2 Round 3 Semi-Finals Finals

Round 1B – Heat #1

Dragon --- vs --- Midnight Oil


Bernie: Dragon hands down

Drew: Both great bands. For longevity and volume of work would have to be Oils for sure

Ken: Oils in this one, their comeback last year was as if they hadn’t left. Didn`t see Dragon live, great band all the same

Karen: Seen dragon twice once with Mark Hunter and once with Mark Williams loved them both

Round 1B – Heat #2

Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs --- vs --- Finch


Peter: Wouldn’t be surprised if Billy is in the final

Delene: Finch were such an underrated band!!

Bernie: Billy Thorpe for sure

Julie: Nope. Cannot choose in this one. Both have a special place in my heart. Can I vote twice?

Cary: Loved Finch, but the Aztecs were just too good

Michelle:  It is a shame that these two were up against each other. Billy Thorpe is a must choose, but Finch were a great underrated Aussie band!

Peter: Billy WAS pub rock b4 pub rock

Round 1B – Heat #3

Skyhooks --- vs --- Mother Goose


Neil: Mother Goose were a great live band, saw them many times but Skyhooks too good

Round 1B – Heat #4

Kevin Borich Express --- vs --- AC/DC


Round 1B – Heat #5

Daddy Cool --- vs --- Rose Tattoo


Round 1B – Heat #6

The Ferrets --- vs --- Little River Band


Round 1B – Heat #7

Hush --- vs --- Sherbet


Round 1B – Heat #8

Russell Morris --- vs --- Ted Mulry Gang


Round 1A Round 2 Round 3 Semi-Finals Finals