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Aussie Pub Rock’s Battle of the Bands – 70’s

It’s December 1979, Selina’s – Coogee Bay Hotel. The crowds have started to arrive, the bands are backstage going through final preparations and waiting for their call to the stage... A challenge was issued and 32 of Australia’s best pub rock bands from the 70’s have answered the call, gathering in one iconic location [...]

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“What’s Her Name?” – Smoking Martha

A while ago I stumbled upon a song from Brisbane based band “Smoking Martha” titled “Sweet As Honey". The second track from their debut EP was a catchy little bluesy punk rock number featuring some smouldering vocals and some clever musical hooks. Being their first release the EP was, as is to be expected, a little [...]

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There’s a running joke that the only two times that it’s ok for a bloke to cry is when his footy team loses a grand final or his dog dies. Yesterday it was the later as I had to help my brother bury his dog. He’s a tough bugger and it’s the only time I’ve seen [...]

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“What Would The Fonz Do?”

I was having a chat with a couple of old friends on facebook on the weekend and they both got to talking about “you need a girlfriend”. I actually said I didn’t NEED anything of the sort but trying to tell a woman she’s wrong is...well...lucky for me it wasn’t a face-to-face conversation... I tried to [...]

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