The jukebox at The Mahi Mahi Room

“Rain” – Dragon

“Rain” is the comeback single that propelled Dragon back into the charts after they had disbanded for a couple of years due to a few minor personal issues. I’m glad they got themselves sorted because this song is a true 80’s classic. The only reason it didn’t get to number one was a shitty “comedy” track [...]

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“She’s The One” – The Cockroaches

Anyone lucky enough to grow up during the eighties would remember fun little hits like “She’s The One”. Watching this popular and hard working pub band and the positive energy they brought to their live performances, it’s not hard to understand why they made the successful transformation to “The Wiggles” Even though it’s a great little [...]

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“Country Skank” – Chico Seeds

Chico Seeds are a new Aussie pub-rock band from Sydney, NSW that has been described as: ‘If you were to put Stone Temple Pilots, Jeff Beck and Metallica into the Microwave on high for 1 Minute Chico Seeds would come out’ Whilst that would accurately encompass most of the songs on their first album "Walk Down" [...]

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“Come Said The Boy” – Mondo Rock

I’m saddened to say that my favourite Mondo Rock song, and their most successful, never registered on my musical radar during my younger years. By the time I was discovering this great Aussie band, Mondo Rock had long since left the forefront of modern music and it wasn’t until many years after I had left high [...]

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