Chico Seeds are a new Aussie pub-rock band from Sydney, NSW that has been described as:

‘If you were to put Stone Temple Pilots, Jeff Beck and Metallica into the Microwave on high for 1 Minute Chico Seeds would come out’

Whilst that would accurately encompass most of the songs on their first album “Walk Down” it was one song in particular that caught my attention. “Country Skank” is a real shot out of left field with a real country/rock twang to it. The whole thing is a real tongue-in-cheek effort, especially the lyrics, and is quite a bit different from the rest of their songs off the album.

This song is a bit of fun and the video plays up to that end with the theme of a bloke getting drunk at a random country pub and picking up a less than stellar chick on the dance floor. Lots of fun and a catchy little song that gives you an excuse to check out their other songs, which are pretty good.

If you’re looking for some modern, Aussie high energy pub-rock music you should definitely check these guys out.