One of my favourite songs comes from an Aussie band called “Kings of the Sun”.

Boasting one of the best “pub rock” sounds I’ve ever heard the band was always in hot demand as an opening act for plenty of big name local acts like INXS, Jimmy Barnes, Rose Tattoo and The Angels, as well as several top line international bands including KISS, Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Joe Satriani and Sammy Hagar.

I had the pleasure of seeing them open for Jimmy Barnes on his “Heat” tour on the Sunshine Coast in 1993 and even though I’d never heard of them before that day, I actually enjoyed their set more than Jimmy’s. What a sound! I was hooked.

They released some incredible rock albums during the late eighties and early nineties but were among a large number of bands in the genre that never cracked the top tier of rock stardom largely due to listener trends shifting away from hard rock and the growth of grunge.

Embodying everything that makes rock music as awesome as it is, “Drop the Gun” was, in my opinion, the band’s biggest hit even though “Serpentine” (from their first album) charted a little higher.

Featuring some of the most amazing and energetic drum work you’ll ever hear, blazing guitar riffs and a fantastic rock structure that is missing from so many tracks by other bands today, this song has always been a staple on any of my playlists.

If you are a fan of guitar driven rock and you’ve never heard of this band do yourself a favour and head on over to their site and grab yourself a copy of this album. While you’re doing that check out their film clip below.

“He came out runnin’ with his hands in the air
Screamin’ I don’t wanna dieeeeee!”