GrannySo I was talking to a nice old lady in the store last week and she’s apparently an acquaintance of my parents from way back. When I end up entertaining these types of people until one of the parents is free to take over, and as is the case more often than not, she moved the conversation onto “are you married” and “kids?”

She looked genuinely shocked when I told her no on both counts. But it was the next part that threw me for a bit of a loop…

“Have you even looked?” she asked

In my mind I was all like…what do you bloody mean, “Have I even looked”? But…I’ve been asked so many times now that I automatically regurgitated my standard response (with a smile of course) “I’m always interviewing for the position but I haven’t found anyone that can handle the job yet”.

“You should stop being so picky!”

Luckily the phone rang so I excused myself (saved by the bell) but it made me wonder as I was walking away. Am I really being THAT picky? It made me sit down and think long and hard about it, for several days in fact. But after a lot of introspection I came to the conclusion that “no” I wasn’t. I honestly don’t believe that I’m being that picky.

baby-cupidObviously people have different tastes when it comes to romantic partners and a girl who makes one guy’s heart melt might not do it for the next guy. I have no idea why but you know…the more I think about it, the more that I believe that little cupid bugger has a lot of explaining to do

I AM “looking” and even though I did get close (twice) I just haven’t found the right girl yet.

So what AM I looking for? Well…eyes are the window to the soul and the smile is the window to the heart. Looks fade but the eyes and smile thing last forever. So I’d have to say I’m looking for a girl whose eyes make me weak at the knees and whose smile radiates a certain genuine kindness from her heart. Oh…and boobs…boobs are nice too 🙂

See…that’s not unrealistic or unreasonable is it?

Even though I’ve always got my eyes open, the reality is that I’m happy and I quite like my life the way it is. And although it would be nice, I don’t NEED a girlfriend. It actually worries me that some people are so uncomfortable being single that they rarely go any length of time without being “with” someone.

But I enjoy being single and the lifestyle that it brings, especially the fact that I can go to the pub, play some cards or watch the footy and have a few drinks with the boys whenever I choose.

After a lot of soul searching, the truth is…I’m not sure I’m ready to settle down and put on the old “ball and chain” even if I did meet someone.

Hang on a minute…on second thoughts it might be nice to have someone to do the cooking and cleaning as well as looking after the bar wench duties at The Mahi Mahi Room…

…Volunteers? 🙂