It’s been a while since I’ve seen it this dry. The cracks opening up in the ground have got me a little worried that the dog might fall in one and get stuck. Ok, they’re not THAT bad but it shows how little rain we’ve had this year.

So far this year we’ve had rain on 25 separate days for a total of 65mm with 22mm of that falling on one day. The long term average is 29 days for 262mm. This time last year we had 37 days for 633mm!

Drought1Yep, floods one year, drought the next. It’s nothing we’re not used to out here in the bush but a couple of normal years in a row would be a nice change.

During the heaviest part of the wet season last year I got flooded in and couldn’t leave the house for three days. Luckily I had enough food and plenty of rum. All things considered it was actually a relaxing couple of days.

Since it’s so dry I thought it’d be a nice to be reminded what rain looks like. Plenty of you have seen these before but if you haven’t, enjoy.