jackson firebirdI love raw, passionate rock music that’s played from the heart and there’s no finer example than Aussie two piece outfit “Jackson Firebird” and “Red Hair Honey” from their new album “Cock Rockin’”

Hailing from Mildura in Victoria these guys have created a fantastic sounding album in the tradition of the “Black Keys” and “The White Stripes” but with a harder rock edge. Their sound is stripped back and bare, consisting of distorted vocals, ballsy blues inspired rock guitar and the raw, rugged drum beat not just from a kit but from a miked up bottle bin as well!

Yes you read that right. These guys use some unusual percussion techniques on several of their songs and it helps give them a real unique and primal sound. Watching the videos you can see the energy and passion they put into their music especially when they start banging on the bottle bin.

jackson-firebird1This album is a perfect example of what real musicians can achieve with talent, passion and creativity rather than over-relying on post production techniques to create their sound.

Check out the videos below and if you enjoyed it make sure you grab a copy of their album, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve included some bonus videos for you to enjoy which really showcase their “bottle bin” technique. Enjoy

Song: Red Hair Honey
Artist: Jackson Firebird
Album: Cock Rockin’
Year: 2012

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