TheCockroaches(Album)Anyone lucky enough to grow up during the eighties would remember fun little hits like “She’s The One”. Watching this popular and hard working pub band and the positive energy they brought to their live performances, it’s not hard to understand why they made the successful transformation to “The Wiggles”

Even though it’s a great little toe-tapping hit, you can’t help but see the band members as their Wiggle alter-egos while watching the film clip for the song. I never had their album when it first came out but it’s not a big stretch to imagine The Cockroaches album playing in homes around Australia over and over and over again during the eighties and driving parents nuts…much the same way The Wiggles music drives parents nuts today.


Song: She’s The One
Artist: The Cockroaches
Album: The Cockroaches
Year: 1987

Australian Charts
Peak: #9
End of Year Top 100: #41

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