Project Description

With the frame finished it was time to start on the bar top. To create a rock solid top I used three layers of 12mm plywood and a 35 x 235mm bottom support beam. I wanted a “beer gutter” to sit a rubber bar service spill mat on so the three layers of ply were both for stability AND design. There’s a better example of that in later pics so keep an eye out for those.

You may think having that many layers is a bit of overkill, and you may be right. When the four layers were assembled and attached we decided to test how sturdy the bar and top was. We had four adults jumping around on it and it didn’t look like budging so I’d say, mission accomplished.

The front was also starting to take shape with a single layer of 12mm plywood used. It would be covered with woven bamboo ply later on so it didn’t need to be anything flash to look at, just a good solid backing.