Project Description

Chico Seeds

Chico Seeds from Sydney was born out of a drive for making upbeat energy filled Harder Rock music that gets the people wound up the way they should be.

The Chico Seeds are Steve Buckles – Vocals, Anthony Machon – Bass, Adam (Shet) Stephen – Guitars and Matty Ev – Drums.
Shet, Mach and Matty had played in various bands together and decided to get something new going, they all had a mutual friend Steve, who had some strong tonsils and Chico Seeds was born.

‘If you were to put Stone Temple Pilots, Jeff Beck and Metallica into the Microwave on high for 1 Minute Chico Seeds would come out’.
They have just released ‘Go Again’ which is the follow up to their first album ‘Walkdown’, both albums were recorded at Screamlouder Studios in Melbourne with Reggie Bowman (Preshrunk, Electric Mary, The Nerve).

For the past 6 Months they have been promoting their new album, playing up and down the coast to great reaction. Notable venues, Sonny’s House of Blues – Brisbane, Frankie’s Pizza Bar – Sydney, The Espy – Melbourne. Chico Seeds music has been used as part of the Professional Surfing Tour (ASP), they have also been played on Triple R (Melbourne) and various Internet Radio stations around the world.

Chico Seeds will settle on a local following or world domination whatever comes first.


Steve Buckles – Vocals
Matt Everitt – Drums
Anthony Machon – Bass
Adam (Shet) Stephen – Guitar


Harder Rock