Project Description

Rather than build the bar and then put the floor covering down around it I decided to do it the other way around. Doing it this way would speed things up considerably with the laying vs the fiddly job it would have been cutting it in around the bar and cabinets.

Being involved in the floor covering industry I chose vinyl planks for the wood look floor due to their durability and maintenance qualities. Anyone looking for something to put on the floor in their mancave should seriously look at vinyl planks. The better brands are great value and extremely easy for the DIY-er to save on installation costs.

The no-glue brand that I used is no longer available but there are still several brands that promote themselves as “loose lay” or “no stick”. However, every manufacturer still recommends the use of, at the very least, a pressure sensitive adhesive to achieve the best results. The brand I used has a peel and stick overlap tab that meant I could bypass any type of glue altogether. The fact that I went for this style was largely due to the concrete needing more preparation prior to glueing than I was willing to deal with. So the choice was easy.

Most brands also recommend starting from the middle of the room to help with the balancing of planks but due to being able to finish wherever I want it was easier to start at the wall and work outwards. The shed has 5 x 3 metre bays so I decided to cover three bays (close enough to 81m2) and leave the other two bare (for now) to park the car and trailer on.

At the end of the day the design I used looks great on the floor and when the boys spill their drinks, and they usually spill their drinks, it’s easy to clean up.