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Offspring of Convicts

Hailing from all corners of Eastern Australia, Offspring of Convicts were drawn to Melbourne by their shared dream to rock! With steady rhythms and pants-dropping vocals, this band have hit the ground running and have already integrated themselves into the Melbourne music scene with their catchy melodies and tight accompaniment.

Forming in early 2014, Offspring of Convicts have already established themselves as mainstays of the Melbourne rock scene, playing regular shows at great venues including The Esplanade, The Tote and Musicland, along multiple shows in Sydney and regional Victoria.

With influences that bring a hard, driving sound to accompany the surprisingly artistic lyrics, Offspring of Convicts are striving to bring Aussie rock back to the mainstream.

Offspring of Convicts have put together a tight, mature sound and have already garnered quite a following in Melbourne’s music scene. Their hard rock attitude, coupled with their dedication and passion for music makes for a dangerous combination that results in a classic sound with a fresh twist, which is brought to life by their high-energy performances. Despite their youth, Offspring of Convicts have much to bring to the table and have generated much excitement with what is to come.


Mat Hoare – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Mark Russell – Lead Guitar And Backing Vocals
Matthew Turk – Bass Guitar
Jacob O’Connor – Drums






Below are the highlights of a chat we had with Mat and Jacob in one of our favourite Facebook groups “70’s, 80’s & 90’s Aussie Pub Rock”

Welcome to another edition of “Pub Rock – The Now Generation”

Tonight we’re lucky to have Mat & Jacob from “Offspring of Convicts” dropping by for a chat about their latest release as well as share some of the songs and bands from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s pub rock era that they were inspired by or, are just some of their plain ol’ favourites

For those who missed our last episode, the format is basically driven by you…so don’t be shy, if you have a comment or question ask away…or even just stick your head in and say g’day.

Jacob – Big shout out to my uncle Daniel on this video (To The Beast). This house is an old run down piece on his farm and he let us do whatever we want to it. It was bad enough when we were falling through the verandah trying to load in, but when Mat used the chair to smash the mirror he managed to get the whole thing stuck in the wall! We pulled it away to find four perfectly circular holes

I really enjoyed your first EP “Set For Life” although my first impression was that it sounded a little like you were experimenting with a few styles. And there’s nothing wrong with that especially from a first up release and given that they’re all quality songs.

When I downloaded it I also grabbed your two other singles “Symmetrical” & “Physical Nightmare” which I was happy to note seemed a little more in the style of the first single I heard from you guys “What Must Come Of Us” which is an awesome track and the standout on the EP for mine.

Now the reason I mention those two new tracks is that usually a couple of singles means a new album is on the horizon so I was looking forward to hearing how the direction of these two songs manifested in your future releases. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long as you dropped “State of Mess” into online stores this week.

Even though the new release is an EP I have to say I’m massively impressed with the quality of the music you guys have produced here. In fact it sounds a lot more like you’ve settled into a style that you sound so comfortable with and are obviously really enjoying performing. Would that be a fair assessment?

Kevin – Love the name, because we are.

And proud of it

Kevin – Yep this is cool (What Must Become Of Us)

Mate, this one has been getting a workout on my daily commute. Great song for sure

Kevin – How about this one (“Set For Life” – Acoustic)? We are in good hands in the 21st century.

Jacob – Thanks mate. Was a bit of an experiment going acoustic but we always have fun playing that song

Mat – Yea thanks man. The first EP was recorded on a smaller than the second. The first was more of a Uni/ bedroom recording but the recent EP and the singles “Symmetrical” and “Physical Nightmare” were recorded at Hot House in St Kilda

Geez there’s some bands gone through there…Living End, Jet, Radio Birdman, Franz Ferdinand, Mark Seymour, Oasis, Superjesus, Bodyjar, You Am I and heaps more…

Jacob – Yeah, we were really excited to get the opportunity to record down there, and those guys had a huge impact on the final sound of those songs

Mat – Yeah you’re right, we feel more in our skin with that harder rock style. But we still love the softer side

You haven’t taken any easy options with your songs so far either. Both EP’s have some deep lyrics that seem to touch on all sorts of topics. I’m a massive fan of songs with actual lyrics. So who’s the driving force when it comes to writing?

Mat – When it comes to lyrics it’s mainly me but when there is another writing it’s Jacob

Jacob – Haha I can’t take too much credit. We all pitch in on the music side, but Mat definitely drives the lyrics. He just hates when I call him a poet

There seems to be a big difference in quality of songs when there are actual lyrics involved versus hooks for the sake of hooks. Keep up the great work

Jacob – That’s something we really strive for. There’s a reason why Jimmy Barnes has lasted so much longer than Adam Ant

Well said mate. Have a listen to most of the great songs posted here in this group and lyrics are a big part…mostly…

Jacob – Not that there’s anything wrong with a song about Saturday night drinks haha

Mat – But yea “Little Miss Mourning” is a deep song. So happy to have that song out

Loved that one. Is there a story behind that one?

Mat – Yeah a friend of mine took her life and the next day I found myself writing something which wasn’t really intended to be a song but I just needed to write something. I didn’t complete it there and then but eventually went back to it when I felt more comfortable and then brought what I had to the band

There had to be something that powerful there. You can feel the emotion in this one and not just in the lyrics. So sorry for your loss mate

Jacob – I actually remember when Mat first played it for me a few years back, and I felt the song so much, that I didn’t really want to play with it too much. Since then we’ve all jammed on it and made some minor touches, but the beauty of it is how pure it is. It’s a song I’m personally really proud of, and we always get a great reaction when we play it live

Mat – Thanks Chris and I’m so happy with how it turned out in the recording too. The guys at Hot House Studios in St Kilda are pretty fuckin wicked

Being a raw beginner to learning the guitar I love the guitar riffs you guys are coming up with especially on the new EP. Any Aussie guitarists that inspired you to pick up the instrument or push you in a creative direction?

Mat – The main band that got me into playing guitar, from what I remember, and as funny as it might sound, were Blink 182. But what kept me wanting to be a rhythm guitarist and a singer was definitely Metallica. All time favourite band

It’s funny you mention them because “Small Disguise” off your first EP sounds so much like them and Green Day

Jacob – Mark Russell is a huge driver on the riff front. I think he’s waiting to be approved for the page before he can join in

I see you’ve had a haircut and a shave since “What Must Come of Us” was shot. My mum said to tell you that you look much better with long hair. Hold on, hold on, let me tell you the story before any smart arse comments from the usual suspects…

I work in our small family business with my parents and a few days ago I’m sitting in front of the computer having a listen to some of the songs on YouTube at lunch when mum walks past and asks what I’m listening to. I tell her and show her a couple of the vids and she remarked about the hair…she actually said that she normally prefers guys with short, neat hair but in your case she reckons the long hair is sexier…hey, her words not mine…

So there you go Matt…you’ve got at least one new 70 year old fan out of this exercise…

Jacob – Mat has a tendency of bringing in the older generation

Mat – Oh I’m blushing haha. The short hair wasn’t meant to be tho. A friend/housemate convinced me she could give me a little trim and yep she faaaaarked it haha. I did what I could to try and save it but at the end I had to bite the bullet and get rid of it. I like the look of the long hair more but having short hair is so much more enjoyable haha

Jacob – Actually, we do have another older fan. A couple of years back, we had a woman message us saying how impressed she was with our music and how proud she was of her grandson, who she mistakenly thought was in the band.

We let it go for a little bit, because we didn’t want to embarrass her, but she kept commenting and messaging so eventually we had to break the news that none of us we related to her haha

Not sure if she felt bad or liked the music, but she still keeps up to date with us and is one of our biggest fans

Jacob – This was a lot of fun to shoot (Left For Me). We were able to get a big timber yard to ourselves so we made a little drum riser out of spare pallets and logs and jumped around in the dirt

It looked like you were having a lot of fun. Who did you get to shoot it? Mat might be out of action for the rest of the night seeing Manly is giving the Broncos a bit of a touch up…

Jacob – Haha yeah that would get in the way. We were really lucky to meet Liam Jemmeson from Keyhole Studios early on in the band’s formation. He’s done all of our videos so far and has never let us down. Can’t recommend him enough

Too right. He’s doing an awesome job. Hopefully he gets a bit of a plug from this as well.

Jacob – Last I heard he was in Japan, but hopefully he’ll be back soon so get around him!

Mat – Haha yep it’s not a good night

Dates and venues for upcoming performances?

Jacob – We’ve got two lined up at the moment. We’ll be heading up to Bendigo on the 10th June to play a fundraising gig alongside the Golden Vine. Then back in Melbourne up at Whole Lotta Love on the 21st with some of our local friends

Cheers Jacob, hopefully a few of our members will stick their heads in and say g’day

Jacob – Would be great to see! A gig’s only as good as its crowd

Unless I missed it somewhere it, you guys don’t seem to have a label yet so that would mean you self produced both EP’s?

Jacob – Yeah it’s all us. It’s been a lot of hard work but we’re very happy with the results. Plus it’s nice to know we can just play whatever music we feel like when we feel like it

Yep I love up and coming bands that do it all themselves. There’s something genuine and authentic in their music…but that needs to change here. Surely there’s someone here in this group that knows someone who knows someone…c’mon guys. Spread the word. Let’s get these guys a deal somewhere…

Mat – Yep that’d be pretty wicked. But we’ve been doing the best we can so we can’t complain

Mark – Leave it with us Mat. We will all do our best. Your music speaks for itself but we can try and give it a broader following. Keep in touch brother and happy fukin Saturday

Mat – Cheers big time Mark don’t get to loose tonight haha

Thanks again to Mat and Jacob for stopping by and having a chat. Anyone down their way make sure you swing by the next time they’re having a gig and say g’day. Plenty of pics are expected…

Make sure you grab a copy of their new EP “State of Mess”

Like them on facebook and drop them a message with your support

If you boys ever find yourselves up in my neck of the woods (Kingaroy) make sure you drop me a line and you’ll wake up the next day with a massive hangover…cheers

Jacob – Cheers Chris. Been a pleasure

Mat – Thanks heaps Chris. Wish ya knew how much we appreciate you taking the time to have a yarn with us. Keep killin it man