Project Description

I’m notorious for starting something then getting half way through and then starting something else. As you can see that’s what happened here. I finished two of the three bays with the vinyl planks and realised I had gone far enough to be able to start the bar. And that’s exactly what I did. The last bay of flooring could wait until I had finished the bar.

I had the material just sitting there, teasing me, and I had long since planned the design of the bar using both Google Sketch Up and some plans I modified for my own needs from a great website called Easy Home Bar Plans so I thought, why not? Let’s get this party started!

For the core of the frame, the parts that will never be seen, I used 35 x 70mm treated structural pine (the blue stuff). For the visible parts I spent a little more for better quality dressed (DAR) pine which would be stained and finished when the construction was complete.

In the second photo you see the overall position of the bar and that I’ve also put the bases in the individual bays using 12mm plywood. You can also see some of the bamboo poles lying on the floor that I’ll be using around the room for various things. More on them later.

At this point I’d like to highly, HIGHLY recommend that anyone wanting to build their own bar should absolutely invest in at least TWO drills. Corded or cordless, doesn’t matter, as long as you have TWO. One with a drill bit and one with your driving bit. I only had one and looking back, the amount of time I wasted changing bits during the construction of the bar was mind blowing. GET TWO DRILLS!