Project Description

Being a tiki-bar themed mancave I realized that I’d have to hang a lot of stuff on the walls, as is the tiki way. So I made the choice to line the walls and ended up with 1200 x 2400 x 12mm plywood (C/D) since I’d be covering the surface and appearance wasn’t an issue. They’re also a little cheaper than the neater looking ply sheets so that means more money for other stuff.

The sheets are attached with special screws designed to join wood onto steel. I attached them onto the horizontal girts and they are extremely stable. No matter what I hang on the walls the sheets aren’t budging.

I didn’t frame around the window at this stage as the bar back cabinet will cover just under half of it and I wanted it to sit flush against the wall.

I’ve also used glass bats behind the ply to help insulate the shed. Anyone familiar with Qld summers knows that sheds can get a little warm and the bats make a huge difference. As a bonus, winters are now more comfortable as well. Highly recommended for anyone with a shed.

The only thing I would do differently is on the wall with the mural. I would have put some bearers behind the joins in the ply to keep the seems a little tighter. Otherwise I’m more than happy with the result.

I’ve also had the electricity connected prior to starting the walls, a ceiling light for general use and five double power points installed around the shed to allow for the many lights and things that I plan on using. Looking back I wish I had another one or two points installed to minimise the need for a few extension leads