Project Description

A few weeks after construction starts the shed is finished

Seeing this beautiful colorbond and steel masterpiece rising up from where there was previously nothing but trees and grass filled me with a special feeling that any bloke who has built their own shed can tell you is simply indescribable.

The possibilities that present themselves with your very own newly built and empty shed could be anything from a place to simply store your cars and tools all the way up to the most extravagant mancave. My vision has a little of both as I use one end to park the car and trailer and some cabinets to hold my tools and other assorted stuff. It IS a shed after all.

But in times of larger gatherings the car and trailer can be parked outside and the full shed is utilised as a social space. Best of both worlds really.

If you’re in my local area and looking for a great quality shed with excellent service, give Trev at South Burnett Fabrications a call and tell him I sent you.

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