Project Description

I decided to use 2mm bamboo ply for the walls and bar front to add a touch of “tiki” and you can see how something so simple really makes the whole thing click.

The bottom part of the wall is covered in reed screening but to complete the effect the walls needed to be first painted a dark colour to make it stand out. I used an air gun and staples to fix the screening onto the walls and one tip I can give anyone who wants to copy this method is to use a black marker on the back of the staples before you load them into the gun. It makes a massive difference to not have silver showing and breaking the illusion.

Last but certainly no least, I halved bamboo poles and used them as trims help to delineate the different textures.

Eventually there will be a small display shelf above the bamboo ply with more reed screening to complete the walls. At the time of this entry that’s still a little way off as is covering the unsightly steel uprights, but that’s best left for another post.