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“What’s Her Name?” – Smoking Martha

A while ago I stumbled upon a song from Brisbane based band “Smoking Martha” titled “Sweet As Honey". The second track from their debut EP was a catchy little bluesy punk rock number featuring some smouldering vocals and some clever musical hooks. Being their first release the EP was, as is to be expected, a little [...]

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“Red Hair Honey” – Jackson Firebird

I love raw, passionate rock music that’s played from the heart and there’s no finer example than Aussie two piece outfit “Jackson Firebird” and “Red Hair Honey” from their new album “Cock Rockin’” Hailing from Mildura in Victoria these guys have created a fantastic sounding album in the tradition of the “Black Keys” and “The White [...]

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“Turn Up Your Radio” – The Masters Apprentices

WARNING! This video WILL make you queasy. The music is great but it looks like the cameraman only just discovered the zoom button on the camera and thought it would be cool to quickly zoom in and out in time to the music...continuously...for most of the song. Apart from that this is a classic 70’s Aussie [...]

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“Send Me An Angel” – Real Life

The first time I can remember hearing this song was when I watched the 1986 BMX movie “Rad”. Being a thirteen year old boy when it came out of course I was going to love the movie. I still love it today. Right from the opening scene they pile the awesome on and you see freestyle [...]

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“Who Can It Be Now” – Men At Work

Men At Work are as Aussie as they come thanks largely to their unofficial national anthem “Down Under”. But for those who haven’t heard much of their other songs you are missing out on a real treat. “Who Can It Be Now” was their first song released, in fact it was released prior to the recording [...]

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“She’s The One” – The Cockroaches

Anyone lucky enough to grow up during the eighties would remember fun little hits like “She’s The One”. Watching this popular and hard working pub band and the positive energy they brought to their live performances, it’s not hard to understand why they made the successful transformation to “The Wiggles” Even though it’s a great little [...]

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“Country Skank” – Chico Seeds

Chico Seeds are a new Aussie pub-rock band from Sydney, NSW that has been described as: ‘If you were to put Stone Temple Pilots, Jeff Beck and Metallica into the Microwave on high for 1 Minute Chico Seeds would come out’ Whilst that would accurately encompass most of the songs on their first album "Walk Down" [...]

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